Friday, June 24, 2011

Review essay Van der Tuin: New feminist materialisms

(via @juspar ):
"A nice review article by Iris van der Tuin in Women's Studies International Forum 34 (2011) 271–277 on New Materialist Feminisms."

The article reviews the following publications:

  • Material feminisms, Stacy Alaimo and Susan Hekman (Eds.), Indiana University Press, 2008, 
  • The material of knowledge: Feminist disclosures, Susan Hekman, Indiana University Press, 2010, 
  • New materialisms: Ontology, agency, and politics, Diana Coole and Samantha Frost (Eds.), Duke University Press, 2010, 
  • Carnal knowledge: Towards a “new materialism” through the arts, Estelle Barrett and Barbara Bolt (Eds.), I.B.Tauris, (forthcoming)

Shifting titles, and a new challenge: "One, two... Soup!"

Behind the stage of paper writing: how the paper title has shifted while writing over the last weeks (I recovered these from my drafts between June 6 - 13)

  • Shifting musicologies, or the transversal capacities of New Materialism live as an explosive fuel to performance studies.
  • Shifting musicologies and the new materialist generation: methodology, ontology and time for change.
  • Or, productive alliances and not-a-new methodology
  • New materialism live! Transversal methodology, shifting musicologies, and time for a radical politics of affirmation
  • Or: affirming (my) new materialist music(ologi)cal experience as performance and transversal methodology
  • Or: Hippies or Butches?  Soft affirmation as alternative to feminist criticism
  • New materialism live! Transversal methodology, posthuman subjectivies and shifting musicologies

It reveals some of the more articulate and less subtle stages of the process, I think..   what do you think? (the penultimate one remains my favorite..)

p.s. yes, I've finally finished. As you may have noticed, there is a point where I couldnt keep up with the live stream. Probably, there's a time of opening up, and one of closing down. Necessary to get things done.
This morning I realize that all the more, as I just started the next paper challenge, and immediatly felt the desire to share some thought again..

and of course, no new project goes without a funky working title. For today:

"One, two… Soup! On the limits of politeness/othering, perception, and pluri-modal ontology"

This paper will focus on the Speculative Turn, and I'm taking some earlier posts on that book (on the authenticity of imitation, for instance) as the starting point..  I need a shorter hashtag for this one, do you have suggestions? #12soup doesnt look good, I think..

Friday, June 10, 2011

Think becoming and watch this

Think 'becoming' and watch this.
Think 'first there is movement' and 'unity is what we make of it as its product'
Think 'oppositional terms are themselves part of one and the same movement'

Remember that neither the one, nor the multiple is privileged in pluri-modal ontology. That there are different modes does not mean that you can be 'both at once... compossibility works in a quite different way from simple accumulation. .. the difference lies in good and bad ways of protecting the multiplicity from the dangers of both inity and dispersal.' (Latour on Eitienne Souriau in The Speculative Turn, p. 332 (full details posted earlier))  

and perhaps most of all
Realize that constant becoming, flux, movement is FAR FROM CHAOS.

[with thanks to F for bringing this to my attention]

Art is life

So cool, so cool..

The 'is life' campagin does indeed resonate already in other fields.  (Read this earlier post if you don't understand what I mean)

check it out!!
'it's there.. it follows you... it breaks borders... its always there..  it touches everything... it brings people together'

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sally Macarthur, Gilbert Simondon and more

So here's my "my-life-is-too-short-but-these-articles-I'd-otherwise-read-right-now" list of today.
Included: short notes on why these, and full-text pdf links

Have you read it? Will you read it (for me)? Share your thought in 100 words, or even less .. so that we can use the time of our too short lives together more productively.

0.(that is, this before and most of all)

Sally Macarthur

I still haven't had time to properly read her work. But she's clearly a partner in new materialist crime. Or in feminist-deleuzian musicology, as she would probably call it. Her 2010 book is expensive. I'll talk to my librarian. Meanwhile, we'll have to do it with this:

Macarthur, Sally. "A thousand dissonances" in Australian Feminist Studies 2009.

Macarthur, Sally. "A Becoming-Infinite-Cycle in Anne Boyd’s Music: A Feminist-Deleuzian Exploration" in Radical Musicology 3(2008).

See also the full list of publications on her site.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anahid Kassabian

Anahid Kassabian's work on haptic and ubiquitous listening

(Recommended by in a discussion on "it's her factory" blog)

New layout

Thanks to Nate, another one of my great artist friends. Check her amazing work here.

The header image is a fragment of the one below. To me it looks like a radically open brain with many schizoid alliances.